12 July 2008

John Coffey

The antithesis, or nemesis if you will, of John Coffey from the Green Mile is a surgeon I know. These two mutually correlated opposites ensure that balance is maintained in the cosmos.

1. Yin-Yang are Mutually Rooted
  • Both these characters hail from Central Africa.
  • Both dabble in healthcare.
  • Both are immigrants. One left to the West (which ultimately benefits) whereas the other left for the South (oh woe is me!). Why did he not go East so as to maintain the balance? Probably because no other Health Professional Council would not have him! He is our country's solution to the brain-drain. I suppose they figure, if you don't have a brain, you can't be "drained".
  • Physical attributes : these two are carbon copies - no pun intended, although JC South is of shorter stature.
  • Both talk with funny accents!
2. Yin-Yang are Opposing
  • JC West is softly-spoken, JC South bellows at all theatre staff in an arrogant manner.
  • JC West performs healing miracles whereas JC South is a finely-tuned assassin.
  • JC West is afraid of the dark. JC South does his best work at night when out of sight of consultants & the anaesthetists have no choice but to fall prey to his foul deeds. He is afraid of nothing & has no regrets or conscience.
  • JC West is honest - JC South constantly lies to save face.
  • JC West could probably put up a drip.
3. Yin-Yang Mutually Transform
  • When JC West expels the flies of evil, they traverse across the Greenwich Meridian & fly directly into JC South's mouth, nostrils & ears which are all connected to a central vacuum chamber. (see brain-drain)
  • JC West is a convicted criminal whose innocence is realised. JC South is a 007 whose criminal nature is gradually being unearthed. When he will land behind bars, though, is a mystery since the powers that be seem to turn a blind eye.
4. Yin-Yang Mutually Wax and Wane
  • JC West fluxes between small & large miracles e.g. curing UTI's to brain tumours. JC South ranges from bad to worse e.g. 2 to 4.5 hour appendisectomies.

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